Commissioned by Shelter Associates, this organisational short film highlights a cutting-edge approach to solving the sanitation crisis in urban India by the innovative use of GIS, urban planning, and community organising in the slums of Pune.

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Story Garage was commissioned by SOPPECOM and the Share Initiative to produce a short multi-media piece to present the findings of a new research study Sanitation Vulnerability on India’s sanitation crisis and its impact on women’s security. No Relief is an ongoing documentary multi-media project. It documents women’s experiences of violence related to sanitation struggles. No Relief was featured in Norway’s leading Daily newspaper Dagbladet and The American Scholar. It was also featured in the UN’s World Toilet Day website.








The story of eviction of 90 families from the Campa Cola compound in Worli, Mumbai, June 2014. While marginalised people suffer routine evictions in urban and rural India, the Campa Cola compound was one of the first cases of urban middle class evictions in contemporary India. This story documents reactions, emotions, and memories from the days just preceding the final eviction.
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The Koli’s, a community of fisherfolk, are the original inhabitants of Mumbai. This is a story about the Worli Koliwada, a fishing community in the heart of Mumbai, that faces severe threats because of environmental degradation, land grabbing, and urban encroachment.

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