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Lakshmi2Lakshmi Anantnarayan is the Founder of Story Garage. In this role,  Lakshmi forges partnerships with civil society groups, organisations, and researchers, to identify communications needs that can be effectively addressed by our audio-visual team. Lakshmi works closely with NGO partners to understand issues, identify audiences, and key advocacy targets. Following which, she collaborates with the A/V team on the production of an appropriate communications strategy.

Lakshmi is a non-profit communications specialist with over 15 years of experience in communications to advance international human rights. She has worked with civil society groups to amplify their campaigns, strengthen advocacy and showcase their work. She was Communications Director of New York-based international human rights group, Equality Now, from 2003 to 2011. Lakshmi has worked on communications projects with groups in India, US, East Africa, Zambia, Croatia and Romania. She holds two Master’s degrees in Social Work (TISS) and Sustainable International Development (Brandeis University), and is trained in Photojournalism (Udaan School of Photography). Her work brings together a rare mix of skills, knowledge and networks in policy advocacy and audio-visual-verbal communications.

The Story Garage Audio-Visual Team
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Alan Marwein is a photographer from Meghalaya, keenly interested in documentary photography and human interest story-telling. Alan holds a BSc in Visual Communication from Chennai and trained in Photojournalism in Mumbai. Alan’s core strength is in capturing complex human emotions through the visual medium. He effectively applies his knowledge of lighting, product, and commercial photography to documentary storytelling.


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Niket Kotecha is a photographer from Nagpur, keenly interested in documentary film-making, editing, and photography. Niket studied Photojournalism at the Udaan School of Photography in Mumbai. Niket emphasises a clear and ethical approach to his photography/videography and aspires to direct documentary films. He has worked as a photojournalist in Mumbai Messenger.



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