Our goal is to accelerate social change by producing communications content that is programmatically strategic and artistically creative.

We believe there is an urgent need within social justice work for communications that strengthens advocacy and aids realization of programme goals. The current communications landscape within civil society, is driven by PR and marketing strategies that raise cursory visibility but often fail to achieve tangible programmatic/policy change. Or communications are produced in-house due to lack of resources and often end up being of poor quality and not effective.

At Story Garage we believe that the production of communications, needs to be and can be, impactful, strategic, creative, professional and affordable.  We work with organisations, activists, and researchers to make this happen.

We believe we can accelerate social change by producing communications that:

  • Highlight unique angles of existing social issues/ research studies and
  • Emphasise the distinctive edge of effective organisations/activists who take on these issues

Artistic principles:
We hone in on the authentic, simple, and compelling elements that bring every story alive. We as communicators strive to be invisible and let the actors in the story tell their narratives.

Advocacy principles:
We strive to produce effective communications by clarifying advocacy pressure points, identifying target audience, being timely, and streamlining the message.

Logical process:
Step 1: We study the socio-political-creative landscape surrounding the selected social issue.
Step 2: In consultation with the organization/activists we identify gaps in advocacy that can be filled by creative communications.
Step 3: We produce and disseminate strategic communications tools to address identified advocacy needs.
Step 4: We guide the organization/activist/ researcher through suggestions of a dissemination strategy of the communication tool for maximum impact.