SWaCH Across Bharat Youtube ImageSWaCH Across Bharat is a short documentary film that explores the work of the SWaCH Co-operative, (a co-operative of waste pickers in Pune, India). SWaCH Across Bharat, offers viewers one model of waste management that is not only good for the environment & financially efficient, but also one that safeguards waste-pickers’ rights. Weaving in reflections of Supriya Bhadakwad (a waste-picker and member of SWaCH Cooperative), Lakshmi Narayan (a founder of SWaCH) and Varsha Chitale (a citizen whose apartment is serviced by SWaCH), the film brings together different perspectives on why the SWaCH model really works. SWaCH Across Bharat is Directed by Lakshmi Anantnarayan, produced by TERI and supported by the Films Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India.



screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-7-33-28-amProduced to coincide with the second anniversary of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign), which is on October 2, 2016,”Swachh Bharat At What Cost?” is a short about the heavy financial implications of the Swachh Bharat scheme on vulnerable families like women-headed households. Through the story of one community, Bhim Shakti Nagar in Maharashtra, this short highlights, an issue that has gone relatively unnoticed.





Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 6.41.36 pmStory Garage seeks to produce effective communications for social change. Before engaging in any production, the question we ask ourselves  is  ‘Why?’ This has given us clarity about target audience, the message, framing, and distribution. The Story Garage team, with a combination of skills in advocacy and audio-visual-verbal communications, seeks to work in partnership with social change agents to produce compelling content.






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Abortion in Asia is not something one often hears a lot about. In order to break the silence surrounding abortion rights in Asia, Story Garage produced a series called ‘Conversations on abortion from Asia’, with the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP). The 12-part series of short videos highlight issues surrounding abortion access and rights in countries across Asia including Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.  Here is a teaser.